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The conference will be held at the Faculty of Sciences that conveniently lies in a central area of Lisbon, well served by public transportation and surrounded by pleasant green areas, including parks and the university sports facilities. A convenient way to get to FCUL is by using the underground (Metro), which has two nearby stations: Cidade Universitária and Campo Grande. We suggest the first one, for its access is through the university campus.

The whole conference program and the social program, with the exception of the conference dinner, will take place inside the FCUL campus. The campus is composed by a set of 8 buildings, all of them clearly signed outdoors. Sessions will take place in the first floor of building C3, where it will be also possible to find the check-in and registration desk, coffee breaks and the Springer exhibition booth. The welcome reception will be served in a particularly welcoming area of building C6 and the special lunch on Saturday will take place in a large area between buildings C6 and C5.

Parallel sessions will take place in rooms 3.1.6, 3.1.7, 3.1.9, 3.1.10 and 3.1.11. All those rooms are located in the ground floor of C3. The large 3.2.14 room will host the keynote sessions, and is located in the second floor. The entrance to building C3 is at the second floor, coming from C4.

Keynote figures

The Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon, comemorated its 100th anniversary in 2011. However, FCUL, received the legacy of former schools, which had some relevancy in the previous centuries, namely the Polytechnical School of Lisbon in the nineteenth century. Nowadays, FCUL has a total of 5236 students (3951 undergraduates, 940 postgraduates and 345 PhDs) and a total staff of 641 people, graduating around 1300 students a year.

Getting to/from FCUL

Several buses run next to FCUL campus, with direction to the important areas of the cities:

  • 701 - Campo Grande (Metro) » Campo de Ourique (Prazeres)
  • 717 - Pç. Chile » Fetais
  • 731 - Av. José Malhoa » Moscavide Centro
  • 735 - Cais Sodré » Hosp. Sta. Maria
  • 736 - Cais Sodré » Odivelas
  • 738 - Qta. Barros » Alto Sto. Amaro
  • 747 - Campo Grande (Metro) » Pontinha (Metro)
  • 750 - Estação Oriente » Algés
  • 755 - Poço Bispo » Sete Rios
  • 767 - Campo Mártires Pátria » Estação da Damaia
  • 778 - Campo Grande (Metro) » Paço Lumiar
  • 783 - Amoreiras (C. Comercial) » Portela
  • 796 - Campo Grande (Metro) » Galinheiras

The Metro has the yellow line and the green line with nearby stations: Cidade Universitária and Campo Grande

How to use the Lisbon transportation system

An easy way to use Lisbon's transportation system is by using the card "Viva Viagem". That card can be purchased at any underground or railway station, and may be charged with a desired amount. The "Viva Viagem" card is a contactless card, that can be used in any transportation mean, including bus, underground, tramways and trains. You must validate the card at each entrance in Carris buses, and at the entry and exit of Metro stations. The validation process for Carris transports is very simple, just place your card near the Validator inside vehicles and wait for the short beep and green light. In the underground, just place the card near the entrance and exit validators and wait for the doors to open.