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Best Student Paper Prize

A Best Student Paper Prize of £350 will be awarded at the CMS2014 conference. Papers should be authored only by a student or co-authored with one supervisor. Candidates should be nominated by the student's supervisors. The paper must be available for publication in the journal of Computational Management Science. A short list of selected candidates will be made public and only those who actually register in the conference will be included in the final list.

In 2013, the prize was awarded to Anna Timonina for her work titled "Multi-stage stochastic optimization: the distance between stochastic scenario processes", supervised by Prof. George Pflug.

The winner in 2012 was Fernando Báñez-Chicharro (with J.M. Latorre and A. Ramos) with the article "Smart charging profiles for electric vehicles", recently published on Computational Management Science, special issue: computational techniques in management science, volume 11, issue 1-2, January 2014.

Supervisors should propose a candidate by sending an email to