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  • Schedule

    The conference master schedule is now ready and available. You may check it here. The schedule includes the main program events, such as plenary and parallel sessions.

  • TAP discount

    TAP is the official airline carrier of the CMS 2014 conference!

    The portuguese airliner TAP offers 10% discount for all economic class reservations and 20% discount for all business class reservations made by participants in the CMS2014 conference in flights operated by the company. To take advantage of this offer, participants have to book the flight directly online on the TAP website, and include the discount code. More information here.

  • Best Student Paper Prize

    A Best Student Paper Prize of £350 will be awarded at the CMS2014 conference. Papers should be authored only by a student or co-authored with one supervisor. Candidates should be nominated by the student's supervisors. The paper must be available for publication in the journal of Computational Management Science. A short list of selected candidates will be made public and only those who actually register in the conference will be included in the final list. More information here.

    Supervisors should propose a candidate by sending a email to

  • Submission

    We kindly invite all participants to contribute with an abstract submission of no more than 300 words (approx.). In addition, a conference paper may be submitted of 2 to 6 pages to be published in a volume of Lecture Notes on Computer Science by Springer. All submitted papers will be peer-reviewed. The deadline for both types of submission is February, 14thFebruary, 28th.

    We would also like to invite all to the organization of one or more sessions on a topic within the scope of the conference. Sessions should include 3 presentations, of 30 minutes each (20 minutes + 10 minutes for follow-up questions).

    Click here to proceed for submission.

  • Welcome

    Welcome to the Computational Management Science 2014 Conference! The CMS conference is an annual meeting associated with the journal of Computational Management Science published by Springer. The aim of this conference is to provide a forum for theoreticians and practitioners from academia and industry to exchange knowledge, ideas and results in a broad range of topics relevant to the theory and practice of computational methods, models and empirical analysis for decision making in economics, engineering, finance and management.

    The focus is on all computational aspects of management science: theoretical and empirical studies of computational methods, models and empirical analysis. These include computational economics, finance and statistics; energy; scheduling; supply chains; design, analysis and applications of optimisation algorithms; deterministic, dynamic, stochastic, robust and combinatorial optimisation models; solution algorithms, learning and forecasting such as neural networks and genetic algorithms; models and tools of knowledge acquisition, such as data mining; and all other topics in management science with the emphasis on computational paradigms.

    This edition of the CMS conference puts special emphasis on two topics which belong to the upmost societal concerns: Energy and Finance.

    Participants are invited to submit a short abstract (approximately 300 words). Participants may, in addition, submit a short conference paper (2-6 pages) to be published in a volume of Lecture Notes on Computer Science, by Springer. A selection from all presentations will also be considered for publication as full papers in a special issue of Computational Management Science.

    We hope you accept this invitation to embark with us on a journey of discovery in the computational side of management science in the city that spawned many other journeys of discovery - Lisbon!

João Telhada (co-chair)
Operations Research Center, University of Lisbon
Raquel J. Fonseca (co-chair)
Operations Research Center, University of Lisbon
Victor DeMiguel
London Business School
William Pulleyblank
United States Military Academy
Daniel Ralph
University of Cambridge
Rüdiger Schultz
Universität Duisburg-Essen
Program Committee
Daniel Kuhn
École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

The conference will be held at the Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon. The campus is located on the west side of Lisbon, at the northern end of the Campo Grande garden.

Best Student Paper Prize

A Best Student Paper Prize of £350 will be awarded at the CMS2014 conference.


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Social events

Besides the scientific program, CMS2014 also includes some social activities, including a welcome reception, a special lunch and the conference dinner.